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Access to business information
Contact Party A

Party A to on-the-spot investigation, contact, negotiate

Qualification review, determine the intention of cooperation

Submission of qualification, certification documents, real part, photocopy

Signed "regional agency contract book"

To plan the project construction cycle

Party A to provide flagship store design and renovation program

Planning practice, image promotion, product distribution field

Formal operation
Distributor Nine rights
Unified standard of image:
CS image recognition system and the terminal display material, which is based on the unified standard, ensure the standard and the unity of the brand image of Lei Yue's anti ray industry. Protect the sovereignty of the regional market, exclusive rights to the exclusive regional market.
Licensing monopoly:
Lei Yue Lightning Protection Agency to enjoy the company's brand development, the use of authority, brand activities, such as licensing rights.
Engineering support:
Projects can enjoy the record protection or direct support policy headquarters.
Operating instruction:
Projects can enjoy the record protection or direct support policy headquarters.
The year-end rebate interests:
The dealers to complete the sales task can get high rebate reward. Over the completion of the super rewards can be obtained.
Advertising support:
According to the sales performance and regional special advertising support policies, can obtain the region's advertising and provide support for the terminal promotional material.
Promotional discount interest:
LEEYEE lightning protection dealers can enjoy the group headquarters of the national unified sales of preferential policies.
Logistics support:
Dealer according to the regional location can enjoy preferential or free logistics policy support.